On April 22 we celebrate Earth Day. Also March 30 we'll be a special day in our school and we'll be displaying our group's work on the project "Yo puedo, el mundo no". All these activities aim at raising awareness about the difficult situation out planet is going through, learning how to use natural resources more responsibly and helping us make the necessary changes in our daily lives at home and at school to put and end to global warming and climate change.

What is climate change? What are its causes and consequences?
Click on the link to this Powerpoint Presentation and watch these videos to find out.

Webquest sobre el cambio climático. A webquest on Climate Change the students on 2º ESO A are already working on.


ESO 2nd Cycle

ESO 1st Cycle

Sites in English to learn more about climate change and how we can contribute to stop its damaging effects on our planet:

A brilliant site to learn lots of facts about greenhouse effect and global warming.

Probably one of the best sites for you to learn about climate change and how to stop it. There are videos, presentations, activities, games and lots of other stuff.

One more site on climate, greenhouse effect and global warming. For young students.

What can YOU do to stop climate change?

Individual action can mean a lot to tackle climate change, reduce its effects and avoid dangerous climate change. Learn how to do your part.
Click here to view this Power Point presentation:

More ideas to tackle climate change and make a more sensible use of energy, water and natural resources. Yes, WE can!





Find out what teenagers from 21 countries in the EU are doing to cut down their use of energy and lead a more eco friendly way of life:


Find out how:

And take action!

It's time to move for the climate!


Actividades a desarrollar en clase de inglés a lo largo del mes de marzo:

Class projects and project displays.

1º ESO B (Desdoble) - 20 things we can do to help the planet.

1º ESO D (Desdoble) - A letter from mother Earth.

1º ESO E Let's change climate change. 20 things you can do to save the planet.

2º ESO D - Climate change. (Tutoría) 20 things we can do to help the planet.

2º ESO A - Global warming isn't cool. WEBQUEST 2ºESO A

2º ESO C (Desdoble) - 20 things we can do to help the planet.

Student's projects:

A multimedia poster on global warming by Alicia Coloma and Vanessa Pillajo 2ºESO A

Genial vídeo de National Geographic conmemorando que estamos a punto de ser siete mil millones de seres humanos sobre este planeta

The world's population is about reaching 7 billion people. And it continues to grow.

Find out how mathematicians calculate changes in population.